The Accelerant Projects™

Support great nonprofits with your business’s skills & resources

Bring together your team and solve an actual problem for a great nonprofit.  Together, using your teams skills and talents, you can make a tangible difference in a non-profit’s future and for the people it serves.

The Kyrus Charities team works with nonprofits to identify a need and scope a project that uses participating companies’ skills and resources. We then help you organize a “hackathon” where we bring the participants together and build a solution to the nonprofit’s need. Check out recent Accelerant Projects.

Have an idea?

Are you a great nonprofit with an idea of how an Accelerant Project can make you even better?

Ready to help?

Does your organization have skills and resources you can use to support great nonprofits?

Kyrus Charities receives multiple applications a year for Accelerant projects.  These are simple short-term needs that can be met by your business skills or social responsibility funds.

Some examples are:

  • Web design for a new non-profit
  • Web upgrades
  • Social media help and set-up
  • Direct donations for a specific cause, issue or project
  • Building a scheduling or tracking system
  • IT help when computers misbehave
  • Tablets and devices for children, Vets, and the homeless to use
  • Security for your computer systems
  • Financial and accounting services
  • And many more…

Contact us if you would like to participate in an Accelerant project with your team!