Identifying food deserts for the Food Rescue Alliance

We’re excited to announce the completion of our first Accelerant Project: identifying areas of likely need inside food deserts for the Food Rescue Alliance. Thanks to our team from Kyrus Tech, Solidyn Solutions, and Red Canary, our 2-day hackathon resulted in a web-based tool that combines census data, healthy food source locations, and a unique algorithm to identify small areas where there are most likely individuals in need of healthy food anywhere in the United States.


The Food Rescue Alliance is a network of next­ generation food recovery organizations focused on addressing hunger, increasing access to fresh produce, and providing cooking education for low­-income families. The goal of Kyrus Charities’ Accelerant Project was to provide an easy way to identify food deserts at a much higher level of detail than ever before.

[blockquote cite=”Kyle Huelsman, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Food Rescue Alliance” type=”left, center, right”]The heat map is perfect… it makes infinitely more sense to use data points at the level of 1/8th of a mile rather than an entire neighborhood. Absolutely great! Seriously, I cannot thank you enough.[/blockquote]

Thanks again to the team from Colorado, Virginia, and Texas from our partners at Kyrus, Solidyn, and Red Canary who made this all possible. We’re excited to continue working with the Food Rescue Alliance to improve the project through future Accelerant Projects. If your business is ready to use your skills and resources to support great nonprofits like the Food Rescue Alliance, contact us.

About the participants

Kyrus Technologies
 Kyrus is a security innovation company with deep expertise in software and hardware vulnerability research, reverse engineering, computer forensics and security software development. Kyrus applies those skills to develop new solutions for the most difficult problems in security for the business, critical infrastructure, and national security communities.

Solidyn Solutions
 One of the top engineering service providers in the world, Solidyn Solutions has grown in revenue more than 2500% since its launch in 2004. Solidyn Solutions, a small business headquartered in Aurora, CO, is a trusted subcontractor on over 25 current and past programs that contribute to the national security of the United States.

Red Canary
Red Canary enables organizations to minimize the risk and costs related to a data breach. Red Canary’s Breach Detection service rapidly detects attackers that get by your traditional endpoint defenses and compromise your data. Red Canary enables rapid breach response by removing all false positives and quickly alerting organizations to security breaches through a combination of threat analysts augmented by world-class machine learning algorithms. Red Canary provides peace of mind to organizations because they know that they’re best protected against advanced attackers. World class endpoint security has never been so easy.