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Testimonials from Kyrus Charities Teammates:

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Big thanks to Kyrus Charities for helping Data Machines Corp. find and organize hands-on volunteer opportunities. Giving and volunteer work should be a part of every company’s culture, but finding, evaluating, and organizing direct volunteer opportunities can be time consuming and risky. Working with Kyrus Charities helped us find a safe, local, and impactful volunteer opportunity. Amy from Kyrus Charities managed the coordination, communication, and set expectations on both sides. Because of this, I was able to still focus on work and also get a large part of the company focused hands-on with an awesome volunteer opportunity that had minimal impact to the rest of our business operations. I recommend any company managing the balance of volunteering and giving with core business operations contact Amy for advice or find a local organization like Kyrus to help. — Eric Whyne, CEO Data Machines Corp.

It’s so nice to spend the afternoon helping teens with their homeworks and just hang out with them. In the short time I was there, they have make me feel included and appreciated. After we completed their homework, they taught me how to play Uno, and gave great hugs when we were ready to leave. it’s easy to see how how essential it is to have the teen center to support them. Thank you Second story Youth Center for providing a safe and inclusive environment to help and support them. It’s been a privilege to work with you guys. –Annie