Kyrus Charities is focused on supporting and improving nonprofit organizations by…

1. Building a culture of charity, service, and involvement in companies that want to do good

2. Starting a movement that connects the skills and resources of great companies to nonprofits, making them more efficient and effective in their operations

We support and partner with charities focused on veterans, underprivileged children, women, the homeless, and international efforts.

The Accelerant Projects™

Support great nonprofits with your business’s skills & resources

Bring together your team with other like-minded companies and solve an actual problem for a great nonprofit. Getting together to paint a house or service in a food pantry serves a great purpose, but we know we’re more excited and passionate to serve in a way that uses our talents and skills.

The Kyrus Charities team works with nonprofits to identify a need and scope a project that uses participating companies’ skills and resources. We then organize and hold a 1-2 day hackathon where we bring the participants together and build a solution to the nonprofit’s need. Check out recent Accelerant Projects.

Have an idea?

Are you a great nonprofit with an idea of how an Accelerant Project can make you even better?

Ready to help?

Does your organization have skills and resources you can use to support great nonprofits?

Build a culture of charity in your business

We believe that many companies want to build and support a culture of charity with their employees but don’t have the time or resources to hire a charity coordinator, vet nonprofits, and organize events where your company can serve together. The charity event plans we design and the events we coordinate for companies give businesses of all sizes the ability to develop that culture of charity in their business.

How it works

1. We work with you to understand your business’s goals and the culture you are building

2. We design a customized plan of charitable events for your business that fits your business’s desired contribution of time, money, and charitable interests

3. We show up at your business, hold the event with your company, and take care of all the logistics