Building Cultures of Doing Good in the Cyber-Tech World

Support great nonprofits with your business’s skills & resources

Your business has unique skills and resources that can make a world of difference to great nonprofit organizations. We work with great nonprofit organizations to identify tactical needs, pair them with our corporate partners, and help manage the projects.

We can help your business improve the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofits that are doing great work for the world.

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Build a culture of charity in your business

We design a customized plan of service events that support nonprofits and is tailored to your business’s size, culture, and interests. We plan and organize the events and hold them at your office or ours.

Whether your employees are packing medical kits for kids in the developing world, packing backpacks for local students, or serving at a food pantry, your company will grow more engaged and passionate about doing great work.

Build a culture of charity in your business without the traditional overhead costs.

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